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To succeed in the outsourced services industry, one must help clients dynamically improve business practices and generate substantial cost savings. We accomplish this goal by leveraging technology, the expertise of our solution teams and the seamless integration of our domestic and offshore capabilities. 

By entrusting Indo Polaris with your critical data and documents, organizations can speed up their business cycles, and make more accurate, well-informed decisions. The suite of integrated solutions includes five key capabilities that can be combined together to provide a unique and customized solution for our customers.

Indo Polaris can convert any kind of data from hard copy to soft copy or electronic form. We can take books, novels, surveys, journals, newspapers, resumes, tables, records or any other type of data and convert it to the following formats

  • Database Format 

  • Excel Format (*.xls) 

  • Word Format (*.doc) 

  • Acrobat Portable Document Format (*.pdf) 

  • Access Format (*.mdb) 

  • Text Format (*.txt) 

  • HTML Format 

  • ASCII 

  • Binary 

  • Or any other type you need 

After digitizing your documents, we can provide a wide-variety of interface technologies to access your data - from ready-to-use databases that to internet-ready, fully searchable HTML archives that can be securely accessed by employees, customers or the general public.

When designing the data entry program for each project, we make extensive use of field validations, including table lookups, formulas, and data-type restrictions. For example, this includes standard or custom check-digit formulas, city, state and zip code lookups from Postal Code tables, as well as any type of customer-specific data (e.g. vendor or customer lists, product or parts lists, etc.). When 100% accuracy is absolutely required in forms processing, selected fields or entire documents can be re-keyed. This applies to recognized text from OCR/ICR/OMR engines as well as data that is just being keyed. After data has been keyed once (or recognized), it is keyed again by a second independent operator. As each keystroke is made, the system flags any differences. These are immediately verified and corrected. 

Our indexing services help create a database index to quickly search and locate your records, including a link to a document image, bar code, or other data storage files. Your data can be returned in nearly any format txt, .tif, .pdf, .doc, .mdb, htm, etc. Output files are returned via the Internet, FTP, or package delivery service. We can use encryption techniques to insure privacy and security. 

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