Project Models
Delivery Models

Indo Polaris offers two distinct project models to suit your needs.

Fixed-Price Model

This model delivers projects on a fixed schedule, at a pre-set price.

Indo Polaris development team analyzes your requirements and drafts a project plan that clearly identifies intermediate milestones, final deliverables, and all corresponding deadlines. The project is then executed at one of our development centers, or, if needed, by placing a Seanergy team right in your office.

A fixed-price model is best when your project is well-defined with clear boundaries.

The benefits of this model:

  • Reduced risk through a guaranteed cost and concrete deadlines
  • More control in scheduling your larger business goals
  • Assured zero cost-overruns-unless you decide to add functionality to the project

Retainer-based Model

This is the model to choose if you have on-going development needs. Indo Polaris organizes and trains an expect team based on your specifications. This team will work out of our development center as your sole technology group, or in tandem with your in-house development team. You set the necessary skills, goals, and timelines, while Indo Polaris handles operational issues such as hiring, training, and management.

A retainer-based model works best when your project has no clear boundaries, or when you prefer to retain a consistent team to develop a continuing stream of projects.

The benefits of this model:

  • An increased resource base that extends your company's ability to take on large projects.
  • Rapid scalability-on a temporary basis if necessary
  • Lowered development overhead and reduced operating costs
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